Project name: Leona Office 7 administrative complex

Investor and executor: Yasin Sazeh Company

Designer: Arash 4D Studio, Alireza Sharafati

Area: 2200 square meters

Location: Iran, Tehran, Parkway

Leona Office 7 administrative complex is designed and under construction by Yasin Sazeh in one of the most central parts of the northern regions of Theran.
The special architecture and great accessibility have made this building one of the best office buildings in the region and one of the most unique opportunities for large offices.

During the design process, the architectural team was able to create a very beautiful view at the intersection of Thran Parkway with a combination of concrete, metal and green elements and guarantee the quality of this beautiful view by considering the additional metal structure on the north side of the building.

ویو مجتمع اداری لـیوناآفیس 7  مجتمع اداری لـیوناآفیس 7 نمای ساختمان

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