About Tawaan Holding
Yasin Industry Development Group started its activity in 2015 with the aim of helping management in the field of used car recycling and was able to acquire 20% of the share of this field in the country in addition to entrepreneurship. This holding, in line with the expansion and development of its activities and entrepreneurship, with the establishment of Yasin Industrial and Commercial Companies Group in 2016, with the aim of providing advanced services, investment in the fields of import, renovation, construction, foreign trade and information technology. expand This holding will become one of the largest prominent holdings of the country in various fields of activity by employing competent forces and existing facilities and short-term and long-term planning.


Active personnel



طرز تفکر تیم ما

Our vision

At Tawaan Holding, we are of the opinion that we can achieve the vision of the holding by relying on young and creative forces.


Subsidiary companies of Tawaan Holding

Tawaan Holding includes companies that can be said to be among the top companies in their fields.

Where did it start?

Since 2015, we continue to improve Tuan Holding

Setting up car recycling units in Isfahan province Under the title of Yasin Industrial Development Company, the official activity of Tawaan Holding was started. In 1992, we started developing the holding according to the available capacities.
توسعه صنعت یاسین
Management team

Board of Directors of Tawaan Holding

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